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Charlotte BAILLOT

Baroque violinist

Originally from the Normandy, France, Charlotte Baillot studied at the Conservatory and the Faculty of Musicology in Rennes, France. Graduated in 2009, she joined the Paris Conservatory to perfect her skills before joining the "Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse" in Toulouse, France, for the State Teaching Diploma and the Bachelor's Degree in Performance. In 2015, she continues her studies at the "Pôle des Arts Baroques" in Toulouse. She obtained her diploma unanimously with the congratulations of the jury in 2019.

She performs regularly in concert with the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra, the Toulouse Mozart Orchestra and the Occitania Orchestra.

For the past four years, she has accompanied the Toulouse pop rock band "Cats on Trees" on tour.

Charlotte Baillot also teaches violin in the music schools of Balma, Pins Justaret and Casselardit.

Thierry JEAN

Trumpeter of the Occitania regional gendarmerie

started playing trumpet at the age of 10 and took his first lessons with Joseph Rigade. He then attended the conservatory of Meudon in the class of Roger Jeanmarie, he himself " a solo trumpeter in the national orchestra of Radio-France " and obtained a first prize for trumpet and a gold medal for cornet.

In 1987, he joined the Main Band of the Troupes de Marine for ten years and at the same time he was a concert performer and teacher in the Paris region.

Since 2000 he has been conducting the harmony orchestra of the Municipal Music of Blagnac.

In 2004 he joined the operational reserve of the Occitanie gendarmerie region as a trumpet player.

He is also a trumpet teacher at the music school "Graines d'Artistes" in Fonsorbes.

He was the trumpet player in the brass octet of the "Musiciens de l'Autan" and played in Paul Capdevielle's "Sentimental Trumpet" orchestra.

Since 2012 he has played with Emmanuel Schublin, a trumpet and organ duo who perform many concerts and have recorded several CDs.

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Organist of the historic organ of Cintegabelle and Lombez

Artistic director

Being from alsacian origin, It is in his homeland that he started playing the organ benefiting from studies of organ at the diocesian school for organists during his youth years. For ten years he has performed as the principal organist at the histrocal Ferdinand Stieffel organ from 1777 of the Reichshoffen, Alsace, Catholic Church. Later he continued his studies in Toulouse, France.

Since 2007 he is the assigned main organist of the Cintegabelle Church organ, near Toulouse, a real artwork, which was built for the Boulbonne Abbay from 1742 away and whitch is attributed to Christophe Moucherel, he is also, since 2018, the titular organist oft he Monturu historic organ from 1780 of the Lombez former cathedral.

Beside the conservation of the instrument, Emmanuel Schublin assures the promotion of this heritage especially through the concert presentation and has created an annual spiritual organ cyrcle named "The Musical hours at the historical organ of Cintegabelle", a real cultural action to promote the essence of the music for the organ and the knowledge of the organ as well.

He is the founder of the festival "The Organ Week" at the Vabres l’Abbaye Cathedral, in the Aveyron, France, a historical Micot organ from 1761and of those from Samatan "The Musical Saturdays of Samatan" and the one of Lombez "Music festival of the Lombez Cathedral", of which he assures the artistic direction.

Since 2016 he is the artisic director of the concertseries at the german organ of the Link brothers, from 1980, in the Saverdun church, in the Ariège, France, as well.

Beside the concerts as a soloist, he also performs as a duo, at the organ o rat the harpsichord, with internationally aclaimed soloists performing instruments like the Pan-pipes, the trumpet, the baroque violin, the hunting horn, the harp, the viola da gamba, the traverso flute as well as solo singers, choires and other artists.

He is caring to transmit the art of organ playing organizing pedagogical concert addressing to all pubblic, including to the youngest generation as well.

Since 2016 he has recorded several CDs.